Monday, March 27, 2006

This and That

Griff's birthday was yesterday. We had some friends over Saturday night to celebrate. I made tacos. Our friend April brought her "famous" black bean salsa. It's a favorite of Griff's. It had been a long time since we've entertained. I'd forgotten how much fun it is. I got Griff a couple of Monty Python's Flying Circus DVDs. (Polly!... Polly Parrot!)

The weather here is absolutely gorgeous. I think we'll do all our reading outside today. :)

My kitchen floor is broken. Really. We have this terrible white ceramic tile that we've always planned on replacing someday. A couple of weeks ago, a section of it started flexing when you step on it. Then the grout started coming out. Friday night, Griff couldn't stand it anymore and was just going to pop out one of the tiles to see what was under there. 4 tiles later... My floor is now broken. Good news, though. I'll be getting a new kitchen floor earlier than we had intended. (I'll post a picture later today.)

I did our taxes yesterday with Turbo Tax online. Even with that, it took me most of the afternoon. But, it's done and we're getting money back. (woo-hoo!) It's enough to pay for curriculum for next year and our trip to the
Arlington Home School Book Fair and Six Flags in May.

Friday, March 10, 2006

I'm Addicted

It's time for me to come clean. I can no longer deny it. I am addicted to... books. Particularly, children's books.

Just today, I placed an Amazon order, went to Half-Price Books, and the library. I currently have 34 books checked out from the library. Of all those books, I think two are adult books. Tonight, we went out to eat near a Barnes & Noble. I lobbied hard for stopping there after dinner, but Griff shot me down. We're off for Spring Break next week and I'm planning on driving 45 minutes to my old stomping grounds to go to my all-time-favorite used bookstore. I'm almost giddy about it.

Yep. I'm hopeless.

Oh, and I'm completely unrepentant about it, too. So, if you were expecting this confession to lead to change, you will be sadly disappointed.

Happy Reading!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Angels in Disguise

I read something recently that reminded me of the following incident.

One of the first times my mom was in the hospital, I was driving up there late one Saturday night to relieve my dad by spending the night with her. I had not really figured out the best way to get there (boy, did that change!) and ended up on Fannin by the Astrodome. If you're familiar with Houston, you know that this is NOT an area you want to get stuck in. So, of course, my car engine died.

I owned a cell phone at the time, but had not yet gotten in the habit of carrying it with me. I was close to panicking at being stuck there. I flagged down a couple of girls in the car next to me (my engine died at a light) and asked if I could use their cell phone. They graciously said yes, but I could not remember the hospital number and, long story short, by the time I finally reached my mom's room, my dad had already left. By this time, I was almost hysterical. I didn't know what to do.

Shortly after I got off the phone with my mom, a car stopped and two men got out. To be honest, they were downright scary-looking. If I had seen them on the street, I would have tried to figure out a way to cross over to the other side. They came up and asked if they could help. They pushed my car over to a side road and told me to try starting it again. Amazingly enough, it did. They then followed me to the hospital to make sure I got there safely. I never saw them again.

They were incredibly nice and helpful. While a police car had driven straight past my stranded car, these two men stopped and helped.

I learned something that night about making assumptions about people. I also wonder if God sent a couple of angels to help me.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Thank You, Sir, and Have a Nice Day

I have a low voice. I have always had a low voice. However, when I got pregnant the first time, it got lower. I was told it would go back to normal after my child was born.

It didn't.

I can now, depending on the songleader, sing the bass part at church. I'd always been an alto, but even that can be too high for me at times. A worse problem, though, is that I started being mistaken for a man on the phone on a regular basis. I worked on my phone voice, trying to make it chipper and more "feminine". It helped, until I got a cold a few weeks ago. In the last week, I've been mistaken for a man on the phone 3-4 times.