Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Blog Block

I've had blog block for awhile now. I have not been able to figure out what in the world to blog about. Actually, I have had a couple of ideas, but they are going to take time to put together and I am not exactly finding myself with excess time lately.

While reading my latest issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine, I came across of list of things to scrapbook about. I haven't had much time for that lately, either, so I thought I would blog some of them.

There are 52 ideas. Some are mundane. Some are thought-provoking. Tonight, I'm going with the mundane.

- What books and magazines are you reading right now?
I'm obviously reading Creating Keepsakes magazine. I just started Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I've been looking forward to it, but I already know a huge spoiler about it. I found it accidentally in two different locations, so I know it's true. Sigh...

- What's the last TV show you watched and why?
I watched Lost tonight. Why? Because it's a fascinating show.

- Who was your second-grade teacher and what did she teach you?
Mrs. Comstock. I'm sure she taught me typical 2nd grade stuff, but I realized after reading this question that she is the one elementary teacher that I remember absolutely nothing about. I have some memories of every other teacher, except her. Isn't that odd?

How many times have you moved in your life?
Let's see... not including college - 6. Only one of those was outside of the Greater Houston area.

What's your favorite sport to participate in or watch?
Well, I'm totally not athletic, so I don't participate. I love to watch high school football. I think it's all of those years in the band.

More fascinatingly mundane questions answered later. I'm going to bed.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

I Believe! I Do!

The other day Robert asked if he could have a tennis racket. I told him to put it on his Christmas list. The following conversation then took place.

Robert: I'll ask for it from Santa. ...pause... Of course, Mom, you know who really does that.

Me: Does what?

Robert: You know. Who puts the stuff out at night.

Me: What stuff?

Robert: Mo-om - the presents

Me: Who puts the presents out?

Robert: Mom, you know that you do it.

Me: Do what?

Robert: (with a big grin) You put the presents under the tree.

Me: Do you think so?

Robert: Yes, I do.

Me: Well, honey, you know...

Robert: I know, I know! If you don't believe in Santa, he doesn't bring anything except coal for your stocking. I believe in Santa! I do!

Funny kid. And smart. If you say you don't believe in Santa, he doesn't come.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Just Life

Minor ramblings...

My dryer died. It was making a thunk, thunk, thunk noise as it tumbled, but now it doesn't tumble at all. Griff, of course, is out of town. I'm going to call a repairman today. I'm hoping that fixing it will be cheaper than a new dryer.

I spent a lot of yesterday cleaning out my "garage sale" closet upstairs. I had said that if I didn't have a garage sale by October, it was all going to be donated. Purple Heart is coming tomorrow and I will make their trip worthwhile.

Ruthie is home sick from school today. It's one of those "should she really be home?" sicknesses. She has a congested cough, stuffy nose, and a sore throat. I can understand why she feels crummy, but, with no fever, I do wonder if I should have sent her.

I went to Memphis last week. My best friend is going through a rough time and I went to lend moral support. Shopping with her and picking out new kitchen tile was just a bonus. :) I had never driven by myself that far, so I was a bit nervous. However, it was no big deal and books on tape make the trip go quickly.

We're starting to get more orders at our online business. It was so odd the first time somebody we didn't know ordered from the web-site. Our first $50 order was a cause for much rejoicing. This thing may support itself yet. At this point, that's all we're hoping for.