Thursday, November 17, 2005

I Believe! I Do!

The other day Robert asked if he could have a tennis racket. I told him to put it on his Christmas list. The following conversation then took place.

Robert: I'll ask for it from Santa. ...pause... Of course, Mom, you know who really does that.

Me: Does what?

Robert: You know. Who puts the stuff out at night.

Me: What stuff?

Robert: Mo-om - the presents

Me: Who puts the presents out?

Robert: Mom, you know that you do it.

Me: Do what?

Robert: (with a big grin) You put the presents under the tree.

Me: Do you think so?

Robert: Yes, I do.

Me: Well, honey, you know...

Robert: I know, I know! If you don't believe in Santa, he doesn't bring anything except coal for your stocking. I believe in Santa! I do!

Funny kid. And smart. If you say you don't believe in Santa, he doesn't come.

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