Tuesday, December 04, 2007

In Which I Say the Word "Cute" Way Too Many Times

Ruthie has beautiful hair. It's thick, soft, and wavy. And, when the slightest bit of humidity hits, really, really... big. She has a very hard time caring for it. It always has tangles underneath, which doesn't help the "bigness" of it. She has wanted to cut it for quite awhile, but decided to wait for it to be long enough for Locks of Love.

Last week we made a haircut appointment for today and she decided it was THE DAY.

I took some pictures of the whole event.

Before... (Ironically, her hair was laying smooth and beautiful today.)

In the chair...

Notice 4 different ponytails. Lisa, who cuts our hair, said it was still hard to get the scissors through it. Like I said, thick hair.

The cutting begins...

And the final result (after being washed and cut properly)

Cute, cute, cute, cute, cute! I just love it! And, really, who wouldn't love to have wash-and-go hair?

And a picture at home, after it's dried, with her holding the cut hair.

Can I say it one more time?



Sprittibee said...

Wow! :) Morgan did this, too... but I am not sure if I blogged about it or not. :) I did it a few years back also. Feels so good to have all that hair cut off, but then I always regret it for a while... until it grows back again. :)

Darcy @ m3b said...

Yay! She did it! I'm so proud of her. She looks adorable. Please tell her that was so great of her to 'share' her beautiful head.

The Classical Circus said...

I love it!!!

Anonymous said...

That haircut is really cute! It shows off her great hair by letting the curls bounce up like that. How lovely sharing that hair with others too!

Anonymous said...

She looks so much older! Very cute cut.

andie said...

Oh, it's so flattering! Love it. My oldest did the same this summer: http://andthemama.blogspot.com/2007/08/before-and-after.html

Jenni said...

Very cute! And, yes, I also think it makes her look older. How sweet of her to want to do this, too.

One of the girls my oldest dd was in Girl Scouts with had a brain tumor and lost all her hair due to the treatments. Dh's aunt lost her hair once when going through treatments for breast cancer. After growing it back and being in remission for 10 years, she was diagnosed with lymphoma and is now wearing a wig again. Dh's cousin's wife had leukemia and was bald through most of high school. Can you believe some kids made fun of her? What your daughter's done will mean so much to some girl or woman.

Julie in CA said...

Okay, that hairstyle is CUTE!
-But Mom, I've gotta tell 'ya, she looks very much more grown up with that haircut. What a special young woman, and so *smart* to figure out a way to bless others and get a great new look for herself too!

Lisa~ said...

Wow! She does look older! Can I say Cute, cute , cute!!! lol Its a great cut! I love it!


Unknown said...

Can you tell your daughter she inspired me to do the same? I measured my hair and it is at 8 1/2 inches today. By the spring it will be 10 inches and I will cut it and send it in to Locks of Love.

Her hair is very cute!
Barb-Harmony Art Mom