Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Art

One of the changes I made to our schedule was to add art projects to Friday. I found this project through a link at Hearts and Trees. The original instructions called for Art Stix, but said that pastels would work as well. When I compared the prices (and Amazon is much cheaper than Michael's!) , I decided pastels would work just fine for us.

I wanted to share Ruth's final picture. The picture doesn't do it justice, however. It is really very pretty. She wanted the hills to glow from the sunlight, so she added orange and yellow. I never would have thought of doing that, but it gave just the effect she wanted. I think it's lovely, and shows that my daughter is much more artistic than I am. :)


stacey said...

GREAT job! It's BEAUTIFUL Ruth!!!

Tami, full-time mom; part-time foodie said...

Tell Ruth she did a fantastic job and that she has a very good mother!!!

Just lovely.