Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The (Supposed) Death of a Beloved Part of Our Home

We went out for awhile this afternoon and when we got home, I noticed the house was a bit, well, warm. The air conditioner (yes, we run the a/c year-round in Houston) was on, but no cool breezes were wafting from our vents.


When Griff got home, he took a look at it and discovered the fan is not working. We are hoping that it is the motor, which Griff can replace himself. (I have a very handy husband.)

BUT, the good news is, we have a bit of time to solve our problem. Take a look at our weather forecast.

Check out tomorrow. High of 70. Low of 37!!! Wowza! Think a cold front is coming through tomorrow?

Now we've just got to get through the warm evening and we'll be okay. It sure beats the time the a/c was out for 3 days in June.

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Sprittibee said...

Trade ya. You live up here in AR, I'll live down there in TX. How bout that? ;)

Keep praying... there's a Houston chance in the basket somewhere...