Friday, October 05, 2007

Weekly Report - Oct. 1-5


I just had to share these photos of my children doing their math assignments this week.

Ruthie decided she needed to work under the table one day.

Having a kitty join you makes a torturous subject go much more smoothly.


Really, what can you say about grammar that is interesting? (no offense intended if it's the highlight of your day) However, I had to laugh at Ruthie's response to an assignment. She was to write 3 exclamatory sentences that would be said upon receiving a gift from a grandparent. (Don't you just love Rod & Staff?) Ever the quirky child, she wrote:

Grandmother, thank you for the lovely bucket of mud!

For the record, her grandmother has never given her a bucket of mud. She does, in fact, buy my children nice gifts, and too many of them.


We studied the Byzantine empire this week. This led very nicely into looking at Byzantine mosaics on the internet. This led to a natural choice of doing mosaics for art this week. I like for the children to do projects that are actually useful and/or decorative and not fodder for the trash can within a couple of weeks. So, I headed to Michael's and got the following supplies. This is still a work in progress, but I will post a picture when it's done. They are turning out great!


I bought this pretty basket yesterday and set up my book basket. I love how it looks. However, pretty is as pretty does, so let's see how useful it turns out to be. :)

In Other News

Ruthie found a good way to get out of cello practice and lesson this week. Have the fingerboard come off your instrument! It's currently in the shop.

Robert, after two weeks of his best viola lessons ever, was rewarded with 30 minutes of video game time (typically off limits during the school week). You will be happy to know that, after owning the game for 5 years, he has finally beaten Super Mario Sunshine. All is right with the world.


(Okay, I had to stop and go look up the lyrics because I couldn't remember the next line. For the record, it's "Turn and face the stranger", whatever that means.)

I am in the process of overhauling our schedule. Some things are not working. Others, while they are working, are taking too much time. I'm going to be adding some things and removing others. I'll post the final schedule when it's done.


LisaWA said...

Ahh! Isn’t that from Ziggy Stardust? aka David Bowie? *Ü* that was cute...

I love the picture of math being done on the floor under the table. Good for her! *Ü*

We have been changing things around too. Not stopping anything... but changing when and how long....

You would think year after year I would get this down.... but It always takes me a bit to get my groove on.

Cant wait to see the moasaics! *Ü* Have a great weekend...


Kristiana said...

Sorry about the cello fingerboard! I had to have mine glued back on the weekend before my senior recital in college!

I need to rethink some of our schedule too and make some changes. Most of our problems are my problems though. I just don't feel very put together lately.

Bunny Trails said...

I am SO totally with you on the schedule issue. I had a great one when we started our HS year back in August. Then the boys signed up for some outside activities and it's thrown everything off.

In fact, that's what I'm doing when I'm not in here, checking email or blogging.

Welcome to the HSBA! I look forward to working with you.

Dianne :)

TrainingHearts said...

Thanks for sharing your Homeschool Weekly Report! I love reading all of these and gleaning information and ideas from others.

My Weekly Report is up:

Have a wonderful weekend :)