Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Grand Canyon Cake

The day before we left on our trip was Robert's 11th birthday. We were very busy packing and making last minute preparations, but I didn't want the day to go by unnoticed, so I made a cake.

I kept it simple and made a round 2-layer cake - chocolate with cream cheese frosting. Robert picked out orange frosting for the decorations.

My first mistake was not leveling the layers. The second mistake was putting the least-flat layer on the bottom. However, I realized my mistakes too late and just crossed my fingers that it would turn out okay.

I hadn't even finished frosting it when the cracks began. I quickly finished the decorating and took a picture.

By the time we put candles on it and sang "Happy Birthday", it looked like this.

We laughed and called it his "Grand Canyon cake" in honor of our trip to the Grand Canyon. :)

The appearance of the cake in no way interfered with the birthday festivities or the eating of said cake. It was delicious.


Peakmore Academy said...

I grabbed the image by using a screen capture, then edited it (cut it t size) in a photo editor, then pasted it to my document.


Have a great week.

oh, and i can't tell ya how many grand canyon cakes i've had in my day. LOL

Tami, part-time blogger - full time scrapbooker said...

Rhonda -- you have such a way of making lemonade out of lemons! I want to learn to be more flexible!

: )

Rhonda said...


You are so sweet. Believe me, the lemonade is not always flowing in our home. :)

I am learning to let go of some things, but other things are still so very hard for me. If you could just be a witness to the battles going on between me and my DS the past two days...

Thank you for your kind words. They are an encouragement to me to keep on, and know that I am improving!