Friday, September 28, 2007

Weekly Report - Sept 24-28

This was our week to try to get back in the groove after a week off. It was hard (!), but we still got quite a bit done and we're back on track now.


First, I want to share our art project for the week. We made these fall banners from a kit I got from Hearts and Trees (who is, by the way, the daughter of Barb at The Heart of Harmony). I tell you, this is a fantastic way of getting art done around here. I don't have to plan or collect supplies. I just pull it out of the bag and go. Easy-peasy and cute, fun (and educational!) projects.

Artist Study

Speaking of art, we have a new Mary Cassatt print - Woman and Child Driving. I read somewhere that the woman is her sister, but now I can't find the reference. I have fallen in love with the artwork of Cassatt. I was thrilled to find out that our local art museum has a couple of pieces of her artwork. I cannot wait for that field trip!

US Geography

As I've blogged before, we are keeping this very simple. We covered Oklahoma and Arizona this week. The coloring sheet with the state bird and flower can be found here.


We continued working on our lapbooks for Apologia Elementary Zoology 2. This week, the kids studied whale moves and made this book. I bought the lapbook instructions from Knowledge Box Central. We also watched the video clips that I mentioned here.

We will be watching Whales: An Unforgettable Journey: IMAX later today.


Robert, the boy I have to force to read, has discovered Roald Dahl. He read James and the Giant Peach and declared it "the best book ever!" He wants to read Matilda next, so we'll be stopping by the library to get that soon.

Ruth is re-reading Redwall. I think she's read every book in the series. That girl will read anything she can get her hands on. She reminds me a lot of me when I was that age.

Oh, and we finished The Penderwicks while on vacation. What a wonderful, wonderful book. I highly recommend it.


Instead of drawing for their notebook this week, I let the kids print off a picture from the internet. For the story of Attila the Hun, we found a painting done by Raphael of the meeting between Pope Leo I and Attila. Perfect! History with a little bit of art appreciation thrown in.


We finally added this in this week. It's our last subject to make it into the schedule, which means we're finally at our full load. We're using Prima Latina and my children now know the following Latin words:
  • ambulo - I walk
  • toga - toga (they thought this was funny)
  • Deus - God
  • luna - moon
  • via - road
  • oremus - let us pray
  • salve/salvete - hello
All in all, a good week.


Tami, part-time blogger - full time scrapbooker said...

Hi Rhonda!

I love your artsy week. Beautiful artwork and picture studies take up a humble portion of our week, but they are invaluable! I never knew I liked paintings until I began HSing. The kids projects are beautiful -- please tell them they did a great job.

Also, thanks for the tip on the art kit -- never heard of that one!

Have a great week-end,

my5wolfcubs said...

Growing up we had The Bath hanging in the hallway by the kitchen...I loved that painting!

Great week and yay for Latin!

Lee, in beautiful Arizona

Melkhi said...

I like the lapbook. I laughed about re-reading Redwall. One of my sons has re-read that book 7 times. He probably has it memorized!

AmandaChristina said...

Hi Rhonda!
It's Amanda from Hearts and Trees. I love your banners. Your kids did a great job. I am going to post next week inviting anybody who has completed projects from our kits to send in any photos they want to share. If you and your kids are interested, feel free to email me a photo.

Jennefer said...

I loved your weekly report. Thanks for the Geography link. That's one I haven't seen yet! I'll be back soon to borrow some more great ideas from you!


Tina said...

I must have missed the information about the art "Hearts and Trees". I will have to keep my eye out at that blog. :o)

Looks like you had a full week.