Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ocean Video Clips

As part of our Elementary Apologia Zoology 2 lesson today, the kids read about whale moves. I decided to see if I could some online video clips of them and found a really neat web-site.

It's called Ocean Footage and you can search for different, short clips to view, for free, on your computer. We were able to easily find videos of whales breaching, spyhopping, lobtailing, and logging.

If you register at their site, you can view the videos at a higher quality. Everything is still free, so I chose to do this.

I think we will be using this web-site quite a bit this year.



Lisa~ said...

Thanks for the link! We will cover Zoo 2 next year. I will look around the site a bit.

The post below this one on school looks great!


Rhonda said...

I hope you are able to use it. It was perfect for what I was looking for.

Tami, full-time mom; part-time foodie said...

Cool idea, Rhonda! You find the best stuff!

Have a great week-end,

Jim Knowlton said...

Check out for searchable ocean video clips that can also be posted to your Facebook page.