Friday, September 07, 2007

Weekly Report

This was a short week (Labor Day), and I spent a lot of time planning a vacation we're going on soon, so we didn't get as much done this week as I would have liked.

My personal accomplishment this week was getting copywork notebooks made. I had originally planned to have the kids pick out copywork phrases and use my Educational Fontware fonts to make up copywork sheets for them. Operating on the fly like that doesn't work for me, though. And, since handwriting is a big problem here, it cannot be skipped. So, I used copywork selections from the Ambleside Online copywork yahoo group and made up the notebooks. The kids will spend 5 minutes each day on copywork, just working through the book. I'm also going to make one for literature eventually. There's a picture of the notebooks down below.

Robert finished the book Follow My Leader. He resists longer chapter books, even though he's perfectly capable of reading them, so this is a big deal. I took the advice of someone on the Well-Trained message boards and set up some "rules" for reading time. He must read for 20 minutes, but can choose any book from our book basket. If he doesn't like a book, he can choose a different one, but that one then has to be finished. (Thanks, Tami! It seems to be working.)

We got our ocean boxes made for science. They're not much to look at now, but they will eventually be filled with clay creations of different ocean animals. I can't wait!

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Trivium Academy said...

There is one drawback to the Weekly Reporters, the kids see all the neat stuff other kids are doing and then want to do the same!

DD7 wants an ocean box of her own now. Lol. You've been added to the list Rhonda. I love your bound copybooks!

:) Jessica

Tami, part-time blogger - full time scrapbooker said...


I am SO stealing your ocean box idea. We are studying the ocean a bit and I think Miss M would love this! Hope you don't mind! I also have 10 lbs of clay sitting on my art cart that I've been looking to use up. Now we can make ocean animals!

Is there any sort of guide or book for the ocean animals, or are you winging it?

: )

Rhonda said...


This is part of the Apologia Elementary Zoology 2 book. If you are a member of that yahoo group (Apologia Elementary), you can see examples in the file section.

Basically, you just make the ocean creatures out of clay (either colored clay or painted, white clay), then suspend them in some way inside the box. They also show a seal on a rock on top of the box. Another idea was a dolphin cut in half with the top half glued on top of the box and the bottom underneath so it looks like it's jumping up.

Other than using the book for ideas on which animals to make, we are totally winging it. :)

I think we're all going to enjoy it. I had to convince myself not to make my own ocean box! LOL


Betsy said...

Nice pix! Have a great vacation!