Monday, November 17, 2008

It's All About Me

Yes, it really is. I set the tone for the day. I determine, to a great extent, whether it's going to be a good day or not. My attitude is more important than the kids' attitudes.

I woke up very early this morning and I decided to take advantage of it, rather than wasting time on the computer until the very-last-minute. (yes, I admit it. I do that.) So, this is how our day has gone.

6:30 I showered & dressed
7:00 made waffles for breakfast
7:30 gathered and organizeed all the kids' school books and put them on the table
8:00 called kids down for breakfast (wonders of wonders, they're actually dressed!)
8:30 started school (on time, even!) -

We are all sitting at the table with our assignment sheets, check-lists, and books. School goes smoothly. Robert asks several times if he can take a break, but I point out the assigned break time and say, "not yet". His attitude is great. He even says, "This is one of my happy days. I love it when I have a happy day." So do we all, sweetie. (And, hmm..., I wonder why the day is going so smoothly.) We get Bible, history, poetry, math, and Total Language Plus done. Robert even gets his Latin assignment from last week finished. He also does his president fact sheet and his timeline entry.

I sat at the table with them for the most part. I graded papers as they finished (bonus: nothing to grade tonight!). I did check my Motivated Moms chore chart and did a few things, but I stayed within a few steps of them the whole time. I was very focused on them and what they were doing.

10:20 We took a break. Ideally I would like to spend this time outside, but I had some things inside I needed to do. The kids played upstairs. I put together 3 orders from our online scrapbook store. (Yes, we have one. I rarely talk about it here.) I also started our lunch (pizza biscuit pockets - something new I'm trying)

11:00 break is over - time for writing! We are on Unit IV of IEW and I explained again how to do the outline. Robert is writing about the War of 1812. Ruthie chose to write about national flowers of North Korea. (??? - not what I would have chosen, but the point is learning to write at this point, not so much content)

They finished their outlines early, so Robert goes ahead and finishes his Story of Inventions reading and Ruthie does her typing lesson.

We are done for the day! And what time is it? 11:30 am. Yes, indeedy. It truly is all about me. Now, if I can just keep remembering that.

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Lori said...

I am so with you on this!! I really notice a difference when I am up and ready to go. I love to just get up and get on the computer and zone out with a cup of coffee in the morning! But if I get up and just do what I am suppose to do with a good attitude things go so much better!!:)