Thursday, December 08, 2005

A New Chapter in Our Lives

Life is ever-changing. Just when you think you are settled, it has a habit of throwing a wrench in the works. We are in the middle of a mjaor "wrenching".

With two children in a private school, we have been falling further and further behind financially. Our heads are above water, but only with the help of the Mastercard, which has a balance higher than it's been in years. Neither of us are comfortable with that, but we have not seen a way to cut many more expenses. We had begun talking of me returning to work, hopefully at the very school our children attend. This is not something I want, but we also do not want to put our children in public school, so it seemd our only option. I did bring up homeschooling, but Griff was opposed.

About a week before Thanksgiving, I decided what I needed was God's input. (I know. I'm a little late to the game.) So, I prayed that God would show us what to do. Should I get a job? If so, help me find one that is family friendly. And, oh, by the way, could you make the answer really obvious? (I do so love obvious answers from God!)

Three days later, I received my answer. Well, okay, it was actually a letter from the school. They were requesting a meeting to discuss Robert's future at the school. I did not have a good feeling about this, but I did try to be optimistic. And what a waste of optimism it was. I figured that with school registration for next year starting in January, we were going to be told that our son would not be allowed to return. THAT was optimistic. They actually, basically, gave us 2 weeks to find a new school because he would not be allowed to return in January. I felt that I had been kicked in the stomach. It was terrible. Words cannot express the feelings we went through during and after that meeting. The one thing that has given me peace is that prayer I prayed a couple of weeks before. I know that leaving this school is God's will for our family.

So, Griff and I started discussing our options:

1) another Christian private school - well, we already know they won't take him
2) a special school for high functioning autistic children - at triple the current tuition rate, we just cannot afford it
3) public school - the mere idea of the bullies that he would encounter is enough to knock this off the list
4) homeschooling - what I've wanted for awhile now

Griff realized our best option at this point is home schooling. I, of course, am thrilled. Well, yes, but also scared to death. What a huge responsibility! But I am ready for the task before me. Then, Griff mentions he wants me to homeschool Ruth, as well.

Wait a minute! Back up the train! Homeschool 2 children at one time? But I've never done this before! How can I possibly...

But, we are a family. We do things together. We stand united. So, that means, if Robert is homeschooled, so is Ruth. So, Robert will be coming home for school after Christmas. I am going to take a month to get him used to it, then bring Ruth home at the end of January.

Please pray for all of us during this time of adjustment. We need all the prayers we can get. Do be careful, though, about asking for obvious answers. God does give them at times, and they are not usually what you are expecting.


Stacy said...

Rhonda, you can do it! The first thing you should do is contact a homeschooling group in your area. There will undoubtedly be several to choose from. I know what you mean, though, about asking God to be obvious. Often, I've said, "Wait. NO! That's not what I meant!" lol! Good luck to you!

Rhonda said...

Thanks, Stacy. I am blessed to have a couple of friends who homeschool to help guide me on this. I am hoping to get involved in a group soon.

Sprittibee said...

I'm praying and am here if you need me! :)