Thursday, August 04, 2005

My Achilles Heel

Housework is a big challenge for me. It always has been. I can remember my dad threatening to nail my shoes to the floor until my room was clean when I was a kid. My first roommate in college and I had battles over it. We had been friends since elementary school and had never had a fight until then. I have read books on decluttering, schedules, and being a good wife/mother. I think I could write a book myself, except it would be completely hypocritical. :)

My favorite system so far has been
Flylady. She's been where I am and has overcome it. She has a "one day at a time" approach that has worked for thousands. However, her e-mail system is totalling overwhelming to me. I have "quit" her more times than I can count.

Today, I discovered a new system. (I can see my husband rolling his eyes) It is
Motivated Moms. I signed up for their yahoo group, which has 2 (and only 2!) e-mail reminders each day. I purchased their "chore book" and I'm set to go. I'll keep you posted occasionally on how it goes. I'm sure you're waiting with baited breath to see if I can actually overcome this problem in my life. :) (Don't you love how I assume somebody's actually reading this?)

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