Sunday, September 18, 2005

He's 9!!

My sweet, cuddly, laughing baby turned 9 this week. NINE! Can this really be happening? Wasn't it just yesterday that they rushed me down the hall after 12 hours of labor for an emergency c-section? Didn't I just watch him take his first steps? Didn't I just leave him for his first day of kindergarten?

This isn't right. I should get to hold on to his childhood longer. He's starting to fill out. His shoulders are getting broader. His thighs are getting bigger. This child, who has always had my small-framed, skinny build (well, I was very skinny as a child!), is starting to take on the frame of his father. Griff is a huge guy. It can't be possible that Robert will be that same size.

Sigh... I need to enjoy the fact that he still hugs me. He loves to see me up at school. He still likes to cuddle (occasionally!) on the couch while we watch a movie. The day will come when he will feel too "grown up" for those things. So, I still do have some of his childhood to hold on to. May it last as long as possible!

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