Friday, September 30, 2005

Who created 3rd grade projects?

Robert has to do a project on his community. He has to report on the history of our community, restaurants, grocery stores, public service places, recreation, etc. It can either be a scrapbook, power point presentation, or video. Robert has chosen (surprise!) the video option. We started to spend part of our Rita-vacation working on it, but a heat index of 113 is not conducive to a cooperative 9 year old.
Yesterday, though, we got most of the footage done. We will finish up Saturday morning. I will probably spend Sunday afternoon editing it. Oh, wait. Did I say I would be doing it? How silly of me! This is a 3rd grade project. Robert will be doing the editing.


This project is due October 5th. Pray for all of us as we work to finish it up. Sigh...

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