Friday, September 23, 2005

Where Will She Hit?

Bobble to the left. Bobble to the right. Stand up. Sit down. Fight! Fight! Fight!

Ha! Sorry about that. Just a little hurricane humor. "Bobble" is apparently a technical hurricane term. Did you know that? When they are trying to explain why this monster storm is changing direction, the correct verbage is, indeed, "bobble". They showed us the radar of the storm and showed us the progression. "See that right there?", says the all-knowing meteorologist (who I believe is guessing about where this thing will land!). "See that bobble to the right, then bobble to the left?" Um, well, no. I believe you, Frank. I really do. However, I see no "bobble". But, the storm has moved east, which is all I care about!

Early Thursday morning, they said Rita would hit Matagorda, which was bad for us. That put us on the dirty side of the hurricane and we could expect winds of over 75 mph. Yikes! Then, later that morning, she shifted to the east some, and now they said she was coming straight over Galveston. Very, very bad for Galveston, but that shift put us on the west side of the hurricane, which is better for us. Still later in the day, Rita's projected path moved farther east to Beaumont. They are now projecting 40+ mph winds for my area, which is much, much better. My windows can withstand that (assuming the wind is not assisted by some piece of a flying tree branch).

As of last night, they would not say for sure where she would land. It's 5 am and my brother's girlfriend, Karen, is asleep on our couch (her choice! we have a bed for her), so I can't watch TV to check what they're saying now. I just hope she keeps bobbling to the right!


Sprittibee said...

Glad she moved East and you are fine. I'll be doing all I can to avoid return traffic! God bless and keep you. Give the kids hugs from us.

Sprittibee said...

Tag, You're It...